Archivo de noviembre 29th, 2007

¿Es este el final de la publicidad como la conocemos ahora?: The End of Advertising as We Know it

Según un estudio titulado The End of Advertising as We Know it, realizado por IBM Global Business Services, reveló que aproximadamente un 30% de la inversión publicitaria actualmente en medios tradicionales se destinará a la publicidad online en sitios como Yahoo y Google en los próximos cinco años.

Imagine an advertising world where… spending on interactive, one-to-one advertising formats surpasses traditional, one-to-many advertising vehicles, and a significant share of ad space is sold through auctions and exchanges. Advertisers know who viewed and acted on an ad, and pay based on real impact rather than estimated “impressions.” Consumers self-select which ads they watch and share preferred ads with peers. User-generated advertising is as prevalent (and appealing) as agency-created spots. Based on IBM global surveys of more than 2,400 consumers and 80 advertising experts, we see four change drivers shifting control within the industry.