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18 plazas para estudiantes de Doctorados en Humanidades en la Universidad de Estocolmo

La Facultad de Humanidades de la Universidad de Estocolmo ha convocado 18 plazas para estudiantes de Doctorado en distintas disciplinas.

La naturaleza de las plazas se resume en los siguientes términos:

A new position as a PhD student is first for one year, and then normally renewed for up to two years at a time. The total employment time may not be longer than the equivalent of four years of doctoral studies full-time.

Persons employed as PhD students will primarily devote themselves to their studies at the graduate level, but may work at a maximum of 20 % with other tasks at the department, and in this case the total employment time may be extended by up to one year.

Las candidaturas se podrán presentar hasta el 15 de abril.


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