Segunda edición del Master Interuniversitario “Ciencias Avanzadas de las Comunicaciones Modernas”

Se presenta la segunda edición del master interuniversitario “Ciencias Avanzadas de las Comunicaciones Modernas” entre la UVEG y UPF, con una apuesta en las tecnologías emergentes: MIMO, redes auto-organizativas, procesasmiento colaborativo y redes inalámbricas de sensores (WSN)

La UVEG ( y la UPF  ( presentan la Segunda Edición del Master Ciencias Avanzadas de las Comunicaciones Modernas . Un master con un marcado enfoque hacia las tecnologías emergentes: MIMO, redes auto-organizativas, procesasmiento colaborativo y redes inalámbricas de sensores (WSN).

El master viene avalado por universidades de prestigio.

MIT (Prof. Vivek Goyal)
“The choice of topics and their allocations to core and optional courses is innovative but at the same time roughly consistent with what is done at the top electrical engineering and communication systems departments in the United States and Europe. Students that complete this program will be extremely well prepared for both PhD programs and immediate contribution to engineering research and development ”

Stanford (Prof. Andrea Goldmith)
“I have spent time visiting several universities in Spain, and to my knowledge there exists no Masters program of a similar quality anywhere in the country, and in fact, there are few programs in all of Europe to rival this one. The creation of this program would generate a new pool of talented students who might go on to further graduate study or create or join high-tech companies based on the fundamental knowledge obtained through the program. As such, this program could bring significant economic benefits and opportunities to Spaniards”

Berkeley (Prof. Kannan Ramchandran)
“It is clear from the proposal that this program would be a great contribution to the academia and industry of Spain. The education provided by the program can allow the opening of new research directions, can attract researchers from abroad (transnational research groups), and attract funding for research and the creation of new and competitive start-ups/spin-offs”

EPFL (Prof. Emre Telatar)
“The courses of the program provide an excellent coverage of modern telecommunication science. Any student going through this carefully designed program will graduate with a first rate education, ready either for industrial work or for PhD research. With the increased student mobility in Europe that comes with the introduction of Bologna, I believe it is simply a necessity to offer a program such as yours to ensure the future of advanced education. As an extremely well conceived program, your Master’s has all the reasons to be a success”

Deutsche Telekom (Dr. Vladan Velisavljevic)
“This Master is promising because it offers an educational program that is competitive with the top schools and Departments of Communications both in United States and Europe, thus, it could become a leading and internationally recognized Postgraduate Program”


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