Call for articles. Horticulturae special issue «The Geometry of Seeds: Seed Shape Definition and Quantification Based on Geometrical Diversity»​.




The objective of this Special Issue is to bring together studies on both classical approaches to determine seed shape, based on the similarity to geometrical objects, and modern statistical methods. We do not search for new sophisticated algorithms or statistical applications but for geometrical models that may be applied for seed shape quantification in diverse plant families, genera, species, and varieties.

We welcome submissions on, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Identification of geometric models suitable for the quantification of seed shape
  • Quantification of seed shape in diverse taxonomical groups by the comparison with geometric models
  • Examination of the relationship between seed shape and other biological traits related to life form, life cycle, etc
  • Comparison of geometric models with others based on known techniques of geometric morphometry
  • Investigation of the relationship between morphocolorimetric seed features and phenotypic traits

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