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Bad news for the Darwinist sector


Dr Michael (Mike) Sutton, criminologist, is the founding General Editor of the Internet open access Journal of Criminology. As a Reader in Criminology, he teaches hi-tech crime and crime reduction, and is founding Director of the Centre for the Study and Reduction of Hate Crimes at Nottingham Trent University. In the field of Hate Crimes, Sutton has published journal articles on the subject of inter-racial relationships, hate-crimes and associated violence.

Since 2014, Dr Michael Sutton has been writing about the results of his academic research into the discovery of natural selection.  This led to an investigation of possible plagiarism by Darwin and Wallace of the prior-published original ideas a previous author: Patrick Matthew.

Sutton’s work will lead to two spectacular results. The first has already come and it is the fact-led demonstration that Darwin and Wallace ‘more-likely-than-not’ copied from Matthew without giving any credit. In Science, as a principle, something has to be demonstrated even if it appears obvious. Although the fact that Darwin and Wallace copied may appear obvious, the conclusive proof by Dr Sutton consists of a valuable series of documents obtained with new technologies. Results have been published by diverse means:

A book: Nullius in Verba: Darwin’s Greatest Secret. Published as an e-book by Thinker Media USA

A research article: On Knowledge Contamination: New Data Challenges Claims of Darwin’s and Wallace’s Independent Conceptions of Matthew’s Prior-Published Hypothesis


This article is now an interesting research resource in itself since it seems that one of the journal’s expert and eminent Darwinist advisors, Dr John van Wyhe, resigned in the wake of the journal publishing the proven facts that Darwin lied about the prior-readership of Matthew’s book.

The Blog:

Among this information it is highly recommended to read Dr Sutton’s letter to the Royal Society:

Besides all results, Dr Sutton is also the protagonist of a verbal diatribe with Wikipedia, demonstrating again that 1) Wikipedia is the Newspeak Dictionary, the prophecy that Orwell published in his novel 1984,  and 2) that the Wikipedia editors have an enormous interest to support by keeping afloat now proven lies, fallacies, myths and other deceits disseminated by Darwin scholars.

Dr Sutton’s second discovery – is one that he does not agree with at all – but in my opinion is yet to come. And when it does come, it will fall down by its own weight as soon as the first one has had the necessary diffusion.

The second discovery will consist of the fact that what Darwin and Wallace, neither of them being professional scientists, copied from Matthew; and that they tried to pass for a scientific theory something that does not have any value in science. Nature does not select and the concept of Natural Selection is simply a mistake that is compelling only because it plays so well on words.


Malas noticias para la secta darwinista

Michael Sutton es criminólogo, Editor General y Fundador de la revista Journal of Criminology. Profesor de Criminología y Director del Study and Reduction of Hate Crimes de la Universidad Nottingham Trent. Ha publicado artículos en los temas de relaciones interraciales y violencia.

Desde hace años el Dr Michael Sutton lleva a cabo una investigación sobre el plagio que realizaron Darwin y Wallace de la obra de un autor anterior: Patrick Matthew.

El trabajo del Dr Sutton le conducirá, con el tiempo, a dos resultados espectaculares. El primero ya ha tenido lugar y es que Darwin y Wallace copiaron de Matthew sin darle el debido crédito. Algo obvio pero que el Dr Sutton ha documentado con una moderna investigación fundamentada en las nuevas tecnologías que le ha permitido acumular una serie de evidencias que lo convierten en un trabajo impecable y exahustivo.

Su investigación se ha concretado en los siguientes resultados:


El libro: Nullius in Verba: Darwin’s Greatest Secret.


Artículo: On Knowledge Contamination: New Data Challenges Claims of Darwin’s and Wallace’s Independent Conceptions of Matthew’s Prior-Published Hypothesis

Este artículo es ahora fuente de novedades pues parece que uno de los editores de la revista ha renunciado a su cargo a raíz de haberse publicado. Esta es la información de hoy al respecto:




Entre toda esta información es recomendable leer la carta del Dr Sutton a la Royal Society:

Además de todos estos resultados, el Dr Sutton es protagonista también de una diatriba verbal con los editores de Wikipedia, con lo que demuestra de nuevo que Wikipedia es el Diccionario de Neolengua y que sus editores tienen un enorme interés en mantener a flote las mentiras y las falacias del darwinismo.


El segundo descubrimiento del Dr Matthew está todavía por venir, pero caerá por su propio peso una vez que el primero haya tenido la difusión necesaria. El segundo descubrimiento consistirá en que lo que Darwin y Wallace copiaron de Matthew y que intentaron pasar por teoría no tiene valor ninguno en ciencia. La naturaleza no selecciona y el concepto Selección Natural es simplemente un error del lenguiaje. Juegos de palabras.